The Pirene Xtreme Triathlon Terradets / Port del Comte regulations are governed by the rules of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, with points that differentiate it and make it an extreme test.

It is mandatory that all participants meet the following requirements:


– Age of participants: Athletes must be 20 years old.

– The use of neoprene, buoy and cap provided by the organization will be mandatory. Gloves and socks are optional.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to give up during the swimming event or need help, you must make gestures with your arms to the nearest kayak.


– It is obligatory to carry the GPS provided by the organization from T1 to the finish line.

– It is also compulsory to have a mobile phone and to use it only in case of emergency.

– The athlete will wear stickers on the bike, helmet and dorsal.

– He will not be able to get into the support car to take part of the route or to be supplied with food.

– Respect the rules of circulation paying special attention to the points marked as dangerous by the organization.

– It is compulsory to wear a helmet approved by the CE during the whole journey and suitable boots.

– It is obligatory to wear a headlight and rear light on the bike.

– It is not allowed to change bicycles or wheels during the tour, unless it is impossible to continue and inform the organization.

– If you stop due to mechanical failure, you must inform the organization.

– In T2, your support team will take care of the bicycle and must transport it in their vehicle.

– The route is on a road open to traffic.

– It is forbidden not to follow the rules of the road.

– It is forbidden to obstruct traffic during refreshment posts and you must drive on the right.

– It is forbidden to use mobile devices or music on the bicycle.

– It is forbidden to make drafting with another athlete or motor vehicle.


– It’s an open road to traffic. It is forbidden to use music or mobile devices while running.

– In T2, a person from the organization will check your survival material. It will be two minutes, don’t worry. Please remember that we do it for your safety.

– Forbidden to throw garbage

In order to begin the Trail race it is obligatory to wear:

– Headlamp with batteries, whistle.

– Windbreaker or waterproof jacket

– Survival blanket (220×140)

– Drum or hydration system (Camelback) of minimum 0,5L

– Mobile charged and external battery. It will be verified that you have the track of the race unloaded.

– Map provided by the organization on mobile device.

– GPS provided by the organization.

– Trekking poles (optional but recommended)

– The support runner must carry the same material.



– At least one member of the support team must be able to communicate with the organization in Spanish or English, as well as always be available on the mobile phone.

– It is obligatory that the person of the team that will accompany the athlete in part of the trail be present in the collection of material and in the briefing.

– It is forbidden not to respect the rules of circulation and cause a risk of danger to other users.

– The vehicle will always carry on its rear window, sticker provided by the organization with the number of the athlete they support.

– One of the members of the support team must wear, at all times, a T-shirt provided by the organization.

– There will only be one support vehicle per athlete. It is advisable to refuel whenever possible.

– All provisions and support for your athlete will be given from outside the vehicle while parked. It is forbidden to provide food from the car window.

– It is forbidden to park the vehicle on one side of the road and cross to the other side on foot to supply food.

– They must keep all the garbage generated by the athlete in a bag and throw it in the appropriate place.

– The athlete cannot be followed. You will have access to the Track of the race and you will be able to follow your athlete at all times.

– It is advisable to establish a team strategy prior to the day of the race, where the athlete and team will know at all times stops to make and the necessary supplies. Unforeseen events can always occur, but the more organized you are, the greater the peace of mind for everyone.

– In the trail race, you will be able to stop only in the places marked by the organization.

– After km 26 of the trail there is no other place where you can refresh yourself.

– You can reach the finish line at Port del Comte in your vehicle.


– The athlete and the support team person who will accompany him/her on the trail must sign a Release of Liability document before receiving his/her bib number.


– Any breach of the rules described here, will be penalized at the discretion of the organization or may lead to the elimination of the race.

May 21, 2022

Our purpose is to teach you the WAY. Yours CROSS THE GOAL!








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