It is obligatory the presentation of the Athlete (with document with photo that accredits his identification) as well as of the person of the Support Team that will accompany him in part of the Trail.  Both must provide a signed Civil Liability Release document. This document can be printed from this website.

Athlete and Support are required to be present during the Briefing.


3.8km swim in the Terradets Reservoir (Lérida), where the temperature is expected for the date of the event will be about 16 º to 18 º, but bearing in mind that it is water that springs in the mountains of the Pyrenees, depending on the snowfall, may vary.

The wetsuit and buoy are mandatory. The use of gloves and socks is optional. The use of glasses with transparent lenses is recommended to facilitate the visibility.

It will start from the water at 05:30 hours, in front of the parking lot of the Terradets Hotel.

In case of extreme weather conditions, the organization reserves the right to shorten or eliminate the swimming segment, turning the event into a Duathlon.

In the water zone, you will find kayaks that will guide you and buoys of the organization anchored at strategic points. The kayak that guides the athlete in the first position will have lights in the back. You will also find kayaks that will signal the start and end of swimming.

In case of indisposition and consider that you can not continue with the test, make signals with your arms. The Kayak closest to you will warn the rescue boat.


175km of route that will take you to the T2 located in Ermita Sant Jaume de Tuixent, which includes 3 mountain passes, in a uphill and downhill that requires a high physical level.

The first refreshment by the support team can be given at Km 16 of the route. Not before.

The support team can not be stuck to the athlete as it would cause serious risk in traffic.

It is obligatory to follow the route marked by the organization, to respect the rules of signaling and not to obstruct the traffic as well as to avoid creating situations of danger.

The following vehicles are forbidden: motor caravan, car with trailer and motorcycles.

Provisioning is not allowed while the vehicle is in motion.

It is obligatory to carry a mobile device, but it cannot be used while rolling, nor can audio devices or headphones be used.

The MAP provided by the organization indicates the points of special attention and danger.



Composed of 40km of pure trail, which will take you to the ski slopes of Port del Comte, from where you can observe the majesty of the Pyrenees.

The PireneXtri trail course is a route with piste areas and areas of narrow paths where your physical strength and technique are very important, but above all your mental strength.

There are few stretches of asphalt, so we recommend using bamboos for trail but bearing in mind that in some areas the path is stone. We also recommend the use of sticks, although it is not mandatory.

The Pyrenees are an area characterized by its fauna, so it is possible that you will find other companions, apart from your support, who want to watch your adventure: deer, squirrels, cows, horses … Respect what surrounds you and enjoy what you are living.

At km 26 of the trail race, there will be the T3, a refreshment point provided by PireneXtri and an area where a person from the support team can join the athlete and accompany him to the finish line.

There is also the possibility that one person from the support team can run the entire Trail course with their athlete. This is an OPTIONAL option.


May 21, 2022

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