Check our rules and regulations to enjoy a unique experience in your edition of PIRENE 3 DAYS 245K


It is compulsory to present at the briefing the athlete (with a photo ID) as well as the person from the Support Team who will accompany him/her during all the stages.

Both of them must provide a signed Civil Liability Release document. This document can be printed from this race manual.

Athlete and Support are obliged to be present during the Briefing in order to be aware of any modification or indication from the organisation.


From the pier of the Hotel Terradets, we will start the swimming sector.

The swim consists of a total of 5Km in the Terradets Reservoir (Cellers) in a 2.5Km circuit which will be completed in two complete laps. At the end of the first lap, and in the area indicated by the organisation (starting dock) a person from the support team will be able to provide the athlete with refreshments. The athlete will always be in the water.

The time to complete this segment will be MAXIMUM 3 hours.


– The use of safety buoy (each athlete must bring his own).
– The cap provided by the organisation must be the first one to be seen, in case more than one is used.
– The use of neoprene is compulsory in water temperatures below 20 degrees. If the water temperature is higher than this, the organisers, after prior notice in the Briefing, will give the possibility of swimming without neoprene.
– It is forbidden to use gloves, fins or any other garment that may give an advantage over the other athletes.

In case of extreme weather conditions, the organisers reserve the right to shorten or eliminate the swimming segment.

In the water area, you will find kayaks to guide you and organisation buoys anchored at strategic points (indicated on the reference map).

The kayak guiding the athlete in first position will have lights on the back.

You will also find kayaks that will signal the start and finish area of the swim. In case you feel unwell and consider that you cannot continue with the race, use your arms to signal with your arms. The kayak closest to you will signal the rescue boat.


Once the athlete comes out of the water, accompanied by a person from their support team, they must change in the area provided for this purpose and get ready for the 71 km cycling circuit.

The cycling circuit will be signposted by the organisation, but it is COMPULSORY to download the route to your mobile device or Garmin.

In the 71km cycling course there will be 2 CHECK-POINTS at km 35 and 47 where the times of each participant will be taken.

The organisation is not responsible for any mishap that may occur to the athlete or the support team, outside the route marked by the organisation.

There will be marked all those points that we consider important, such as crossroads or places that create confusion, but we understand that athletes and support teams have a mobile device with the downloaded route.

The support team, as far as possible, should always go ahead of the athlete and help him/her at conflicting points so that he/she does not deviate from the route.


In the stages of days 1 and 2, some rules must be followed during the cycling route.

The development of the different stages, their altimetries and GPS files for downloading are available on our website, where the distances and segments to be run each day are described.

Each participant must be familiar with the route of each circuit, being the participant the only responsible for any mistakes that may be made on the incorrect interpretation of the route. All the circuit is with open traffic. Be careful and respect the traffic rules.

On the 127km cycling route there will be 3 CHECK-POINTS at km 43, 77 and 111 where times will be taken from each participant.

It is compulsory for the bike to have a rear light.

It is compulsory to wear a helmet approved by the CE during the whole route and suitable shoes.

It is possible to have more than one bicycle and spare wheels.

It is a NO DRAFTING event.

It is compulsory for both the athlete and the support car to follow the route marked by the organisation, to respect the signalling rules and not to obstruct traffic and to avoid dangerous situations.

The athlete must carry a mobile phone in order to be able to communicate with his team or the organisation when needed. It is forbidden to use the mobile phone while moving, nor audio devices or headphones.

For the refreshment stations it must be taken into account that:

– The athlete cannot be supplied with the car in motion.
– It is not allowed to park the vehicle on one side of the road and cross to the other side on foot to provide the athlete with supplies. This is dangerous.
– It is forbidden to litter during the race. The athlete stores it and when he/she joins his/her support team he/she facilitates it to throw it in a suitable place. We must take care of the environment we run in order to enjoy this race for more editions.


It is an uphill and downhill climb in which you will have to control your strength, as the two previous days you have exposed your body to a great effort. Enjoy the trail and live this experience calmly.

The trail route will be signposted by the organisers at points of difficult orientation.

On the 42km trail route there will be 3 CHECK-POINTS at km 12, 26 and 34 where the times of each participant will be taken.

It is impossible to complete the whole route by car, so the athlete will have 3 Check-Points, where the organisation will provide the provisioning bag that the athlete has given to the organisation before the start.

Therefore, if the athlete wishes, he/she can do this stage alone.

Before the start, you will be able to provide the organisation with three refreshment bags, which will be at your disposal at km 12, 26 and 34 of the trail. At the end, they will be returned to you.

If you decide to do the trail with a person from your support team, you will also be able to use the aforementioned provisioning bag service.

On this route the athlete may be accompanied, it is NOT COMPULSORY, by a person from the support team, running or on a mountain bike.

In the event that the person from your support team accompanies you on a mountain bike, it must be a mountain or electric bike, but the organisation is not responsible for any incident that may arise with the bike.

It is compulsory to carry a backpack with at least

– Water bottle or hydration system (Camelback) of at least 0,5L.
– Survival blanket
– Enough food to face this stage.
– Fully charged mobile phone.
– Downloaded race track.
– Trekking poles (optional but recommended).


At least one member of the support team must be able to communicate with the organisation in English or Spanish, and must always be available on their mobile phone.

It is forbidden not to respect the rules of the road and cause a risk of danger to other users.

The vehicle will always carry on its rear window a sticker provided by the organisation with the number of the athlete they are supporting.

One of the members of the support team must wear, at all times, a T-shirt provided by the organisation.

There will only be one support vehicle per athlete. It is advisable to refuel whenever possible.

All the provisioning and support to your athlete will be given from outside the vehicle while they are parked. Refuelling from the car window is forbidden.

It is forbidden to park your vehicle on one side of the road and cross to the other side on foot to refuel.

All rubbish generated by the athlete must be kept in a bag and disposed of in an appropriate place.

Do not follow the athlete behind him/her.

It is advisable to establish a team strategy prior to the day of the race, where the athlete and team will know at all times the stops to be made and the necessary.


The athlete and the person from the support team who will accompany him/her during the race must sign a Release of Liability document before receiving their race bib number.

You can find it in the race manual or on the day of the material collection.


Any breach of the regulations described here will be penalised at the discretion of the organisers or may result in elimination from the race.

2-3-4 SEPTEMBER 2022

Our purpose is to teach you the WAY. Yours CROSS THE GOAL!








You like sport, but what you really like is to push your body to the limit, to know that you can overcome any situation, and you apply this to your daily life.

You are one of those who look pain in the face, the adversities are what make the journey fun and the uncertainty of what you are going to experience is what motivates you to be here.

You are different, they might call you crazy... and they might also say that you were FINISHER of PIRENE 3DAYS 245K.

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