The Pirene 3 DAYS 245K Race Manual includes all the necessary information about the race. Please read the race manual carefully before registering.

All the information contained in this handbook and on our website is mandatory reading for all athletes who want to participate.

It is your obligation to read and understand this race manual, from start to finish, over and over again until the information it contains is memorised.

All registered athletes are required to understand this race manual. If you have any questions you can always contact the organisers.

Click on the button to view and download the 2023 Race Manual.

1-2-3 SEPTEMBER 2023

Our purpose is to teach you the WAY. Yours CROSS THE GOAL!








You like sport, but what you really like is to push your body to the limit, to know that you can overcome any situation, and you apply this to your daily life.

You are one of those who look pain in the face, the adversities are what make the journey fun and the uncertainty of what you are going to experience is what motivates you to be here.

You are different, they might call you crazy... and they might also say that you were FINISHER of PIRENE 3DAYS 245K.

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