3 days to cover 245km. In the same area of our May race, but with different routes, we will celebrate the 2nd edition of our Ultra distance HALF.

Every day a different challenge to overcome. Every day a different mentality to achieve.

We have found the way to enjoy even more your true passion and combine it with relaxation in one of the places with more soul and magic of the Pallars Jussá.

At the foot of the Pyrenees, you will walk through part of the Geoparc Origen, protected by Unesco, where you can take a trip back in time to discover beauty wherever you look. The landscapes are a mosaic of contrasts and a real paradise for nature lovers.

You can be the first to experience it. You can be the first to tell the tale.

DAY 1: 5k SWIM + 71k BIKE

You will swim a total of 5km in the Terradets reservoir, where the waters of the Pyrenees flow and you will continue with a circuit of 71km of cycling with +1256m of positive difference in altitude.

DAY 2: 127k BIKE

In this stage you will cycle 127km, in a circuit with a total of +2148m of positive height gain, where you will climb mountain passes such as Coll de Comiols and Coll de Bóixols.

DAY 3: 42k TRAIL

A total of 42km of pure trail, in a circuit with +988m of positive difference in altitude that will take you to the Castell de Mur, emblem of the Catalan border castles, at 512m of altitude.

You like sport, but what you really like is to push your body to the limit, to know that you can overcome any situation, and you apply this to your daily life.

You are one of those who look pain in the face, the adversities are what make the journey fun and the uncertainty of what you are going to experience is what motivates you to be here.

You are different, they might call you crazy... and they might also say that you were FINISHER of PIRENE 3DAYS 245K.

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