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PIRENE XTRI 29.05.2021

Terradets / Port del Comte

3,8Km SWIM

177Km BIKE


We celebrate the 4th edition of PireneXtri Terradets / Port del Comte! The most extreme triathlon in Spain will take place on 29 May 2021 in the Catalan province of Lérida.

Starting at the Terradets reservoir (Lérida) and finishing line at the Port del Comte ski slopes, you can discover and explore part of the Pyrenees, a mountainous system known for its beauty and the fauna it protects inside.

From beginning to end you will live one of the toughest sporting experiences of your life. The finalists of our first edition have catalogued Pirene as “the most extreme triathlon in Europe”. We know that it is hard and that it is distinguished by a magical bicycle circuit that will take you 40 km of pure Trail that will destroy your body and your mind. Only suitable for people well prepared physically and mentally.

We are your next CHALLENGE!

PIRENE XTRI 05.09.2020

Sierra Segura / Las Villas


186Km BIKE


He feels you’re the first to uncover a great piece of evidence. On September 05, 2020, the 2nd Edition of PireneXtri Sierra Segura / Las Villas will take place.

From the Tranco Reservoir to the mythical Castillo de Segura de la Sierra, you will travel through the largest National Park in Spain, considered to be one of the places in Europe where the most wild animals live in freedom, especially through the 40 km of trail, the GR-247.

With the same format as PireneXtri Terradets / Port del Comte, which is already celebrating its 4th Edition, we propose you to live an unforgettable adventure in another of the many magical places in Spain.

 If you already know us, you know that it will be epic.


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